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Sundays with Sinatra and Joe Piscopo is everything your audience expects from a program that is devoted exclusively to the greatest hits from the Chairman of the Board. Every Sunday, for two hours from 6 to 8pm Eastern, Piscopo brings his enthusiasm and love for Sinatra to his nationally syndicated radio show, which has garnered huge success on his flagship station, 77 WABC in New York.

Piscopo is perhaps Sinatra’s biggest fan, and his well-known imitation of ol’ blue eyes is always respectful. It’s more like he’s channeling Sinatra.  A highlight in Piscopo’s life took place when Sinatra referred to him as the Vice Chairman of the Board. Sundays with Sinatra and Joe Piscopo is fully sanctioned by the Sinatra family.

Two (2) Hours Sunday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET
Network Inventory: Three (3) Minutes per Hour

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